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Feldenkrais Functional Integration Sessions in Oslo

Feb 10th, 2019 Workshops DoukaEditor 1 min read

In March I will be in Oslo giving Functional Integration Sessions at the Aud Aasbo Studio. The Functional integration is the hands-on form of the Feldenkrais Method and involves tactile, kinesthetic communication.                     Same as with the Feldenkrais Group classes, the receiver of the Functional Integration, is perceived as a student. During the session, I communicate to the…

Runnig workshop legs

Pilates and Feldenkrais Workshop for runners

Dec 23rd, 2016 Workshops DoukaEditor 1 min read

When we run we feel alive, free, strong and afterwards relaxed and elevated. Unfortunately, so many have to quit because of a running related injury. If you look around your running mates or people who run at the park you will notice that each has their own unique style. This style, the “habit” of moving is not always the most efficient , it can put…