I am a Pilates teacher and Feldenkrais practitioner based in Muswell Hill and working in two of the most reputable and long established Pilates studios in London.

I was fortunate to discovered Pilates during my university years, while suffering from persistent back and neck pain. Whilst my condition was at the time debilitating , it proved to be a blessing as it led me on a journey of rehabilitation through thoughtful movement.

Originally from Greece, I moved to London in 2008 to train as a Pilates teacher with the U.K. Pilates Foundation and Anne-Marie Zulkahari, one of the foremost Pilates teachers in the UK.

In 2018, I qualified as a Feldenkrais Practitioner after completing the “Vienna 7 International training” with Jeremy Krauss.

Apart from teaching and studying movement, I very much enjoy outdoor running, and always incorporate information from the Pilates and Feldenkrais resources into my regular training.

My Pilates teaching approach

My teaching approach is very much influenced by the Feldenkrais method and therefore, the belief that the body must be seen as a whole, including the brain and nervous system.

Combining the above with up-to-date anatomical knowledge I aim to help my clients sense and understand their bodies, move efficiently and freely, and as a result build-up strength.

I have experience in working with a wide range of clients including those requiring rehabilitation from injury or neurological condition.