A blog about thoughtful movement, whether that is done through Feldenkrais, Pilates or Yoga. There is a different quality to the movement that is done not for the sake of achieving a goal or getting to a certain position but with curiosity and alertness for the movement itself.

So many possibilities for change can be discovered this way.

The unity of body and mind has been advocated for quite a while. Yet many people think of the body and the “physical movement” as separate and independent from “mental activity”, the feelings, emotions and social behaviour. Recent research proves that not only the brain can affect our physical movement but also the movement can shape and enhance mental activity. They act as a complex system.

In this blog I would like to present you with up to date information from the many fields of mindful movement as well as practical “exercises” you can practice yourself. Because really, body-awareness isn’t a quality only Yogis and Gurus possess, but one we can all gradually develop and very soon enjoy the benefits of.

Em. x