I am so excited to announce that on Thursday May 9th, to celebrate the International Feldenkrais Awareness week, my colleague Alex Frazier and I, will be hosting a special collaborative event at the primrose Hill Library. We invite you to join us for a feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class at 5pm followed by Individual Hands-on taster sessions.

During the Awareness Through Movement Class the attendants are verbally guided through a sequence of thoughtful movements.  Usually, the movements start out small and build up to a bigger and more complex movement. By breaking down the movement to smaller parts the student feels and learns how the whole body is involved in movements of our everyday life. What makes the Feldenkrais lessons different to other methods of slow and thoughtful movement such as yoga is that they directly address functional movement of daily life such as walking, reaching for something, turning the head  to look around or coming up to standing from the floor.  The class will last for 30-45min and booking is required. There are Yoga mats at the Library.

Following the ATM class we will offer 30min Feldenkrais individual hands-on tester sessions.  The Individual session is called Functional Integration. The FI sessions were developed by Dr Feldenkrais for those who were not able to participate into the group classes.  In most cases these were people dealing with neurological conditions, as well as, children with special needs. During a FI session the Feldenkrais teacher uses touch to communicate to the student how they currently organize their posture and movement. Through gentle and non-invasive touch the teacher proceeds to suggest new movement patterns that are not currently in the student’s repertoire. The student will most often lie on a table specifically designed for the work and various props such as cushions and rollers are used.

To reserve your space in the Awareness Through Movement class or to book a taster functional Integration session please contact me at info@somaticcircles.com