In March I will be in Oslo giving Functional Integration Sessions at the Aud Aasbo Studio.

The Functional integration is the hands-on form of the Feldenkrais Method and involves tactile, kinesthetic communication.                     Same as with the Feldenkrais Group classes, the receiver of the Functional Integration, is perceived as a student. During the session, I communicate to the student how they organize their bodies and hint, through gentle touch and movement, how to expand their movement and motor patterns.

The session is always related to a desire or need of the student. In the case of a runner, the request could be “run faster” or “alleviate pain” resulting from patellofemoral syndrome, shin splits etc. In the case of a Multiple Sclerosis patient, the desire could be “walk confidently” or “reduce the occurrence of falls’.

A Functional Integration session is also a great introduction to the Feldenkrais Group classes, as well as, the Pilates Equipment Classes I will be teaching at the Aud Aasbo Studio.

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