When we run we feel alive, free, strong and afterwards relaxed and elevated. Unfortunately, so many have to quit because of a running related injury.

If you look around your running mates or people who run at the park you will notice that each has their own unique style. This style, the “habit” of moving is not always the most efficient , it can put strain on joints, it can mean extra muscular effort and restricted breathing. Most importantly, these habits are so deeply in-grained that we are completely unaware of what is involved.
In this workshop, with the means of awareness through movement practice, you will get a better sense of how the whole body is involved in running ,as well as, your unique pattern of running. You will explore how harmonious movement between head, shoulders and hips can make your run easier and faster. You will also learn exercises for specific muscle groups crucial for knee alignment and hip function.
This workshop is equally open to novice and experienced runners, as well as runners who deal with injury.

Saturday 28th of January 2017     2pm-4pm

Triyoga Camden, 57 Jamestown rd, NW1 7DB


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